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Piriton Hayfever Relief 4mg Tablets – 500 Tablets

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Piriton Hayfever Relief 4mg Tablets – 500 Tablets

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Piriton is an allergy tablet containing the active ingredient chlorphenamine maleate. They are used to control symptoms caused by allergic conditions, including hayfever, hives, food allergy and insect bites. Piriton can also be used for relieving itchiness associated with chickenpox.

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What are Piriton tablets?

Piriton is a allergy tablet containing the dynamic fixing chlorphenamine maleate, an antihistamine. They are utilized to control manifestations caused by unfavorably susceptible conditions, including hayfever, hives, sustenance hypersensitivity and bug nibbles. Piriton can likewise be utilized for alleviating irritation related with chickenpox.

Dynamic fixings per tablet: Chlorphenamine Maleate 4 mg.


How does an antihistamine work?

An antihistamine works by ceasing histamines that are delivered by the body. A histamine is delivered when the body recognizes a contamination. In any case, hypersensitivities are framed in light of the fact that the body imagines that something destructive has come into contact with the body. This causes the side effects that are related with the sensitivity. Utilizing an antihistamine before coming into contact with what causes the hypersensitive response will lessen the side effects that show up.


How should Piriton antihistamine tablets be used?

Piriton tablets are to be taken by mouth as it were. Not prescribed for kids younger than 6 years.

The prescribed Piriton portion for Adults and kids more than 12 years is 1 tablet each 4 to 6 hours. Try not to surpass 6 tablets (24mg) in any 24 hours.

Elderly: The elderly are bound to encounter neurological anticholinergic impacts, for example, obscured vision, dry mouth, flushing and hyperthermia. Think about taking a lower day by day portion, e.g. a most extreme of 12 mg in any 24 hours.

Youngsters matured 6-12 years: Half tablet to be taken each 4 to 6 hours. Try not to surpass 3 tablets (12mg) in any 24 hours.

When should Piriton tablets be used?

Piriton is shown for symptomatic help of every single unfavourably susceptible condition receptive to antihistamines, e.g feed fever, runny nose, wheezing, hives, angioneurotic oedema (quick swelling of the dermis), sustenance sensitivity, medication and serum responses and creepy crawly nibbles.


When should Piriton antihistamine tablets not be used?

Piriton tablets should not be used by anyone who is sensitive to antihistamines or any of the ingredients. Consult your GP before use if you have any other medical conditions, including, but not limited to:

  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma
  • Prostatic hypertrophy
  • High blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Bronchitis
  • Asthma


Do I need a prescription to order?

No, you do not need to bother with a prescription from your GP to purchase Piriton tablets on the web. They are, be that as it may, a Pharmacy Only medication, implying that they must be obtained under the supervision of a drug specialist. This implies you should answer a couple of well-being related inquiries previously you can put in your request. Similarly, whenever purchased from your nearby drug store, your drug specialist would need to put forth a couple of inquiries before your buy.

Your answers will be utilized by our drug specialists to ensure this treatment is reasonable for you. Certain prescriptions or conditions may affect the appropriateness of the item and may cause reactions. At the point when our drug specialists survey your answers, this is the kind of data they are searching for. In the event that the Piriton tablets appear to be reasonable for you to utilize, they will be apportioned from our drug store and conveyed to your picked location.

Can I take these tablets if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

No, Piriton tablets should not be taken if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Please consult your GP if you believe you are in need of antihistamines such as Piriton.


Can I drink alcohol when I’m taking Piriton antihistamine tablets?

No, alcohol is not recommended when you take Piriton.

Always read the information leaflet before use.


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