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Nourkrin Conditioner 150ml

Nourkrin Conditioner 150ml


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What is Nourkrin Conditioner?

Nourkrin Conditioner is a part of the Nourkrin programme which helps to promote hair growth in those with thinning hair. It makes you hair feel soft and easy to comb, helping to promote healthy hair growth when you need it most.

What causes thinning hair?

The most common cause of thinning hair and hair loss is simply that it runs in your family. It’s also known as hereditary hair loss, or male or female pattern baldness. It happens when your hair follicles begin to shrink, making your hair thinner and begin to fall out.

Is Nourkrin Conditioner right for me?

If you’re suffering with thinning hair and hair loss, Nourkrin Conditioner can be used as part of the Nourkrin programme to help to protect your hair. It helps to prevent further hair loss and makes your hair feel softer and stronger.

Do I need to use this with other Nourkrin products for it to work?

For best results, we recommend you use Nourkrin Conditioner as a part of the full Nourkrin programme. This will make sure that you see the best results possible, as quickly as possible.

How to use Nourkrin Conditioner.

After washing your hair with Nourkrin shampoo, apply Nourkrin conditioner just as you would any other conditioner. Apply Nourkrin Conditioner to the full length of your hair and massage into the roots. Leave the conditioner for 2 – 3 minutes before rinsing out.

When should Nourkrin Conditioner not be used?

Nourkrin Conditioner is for cosmetic use only. Do not use Nourkrin Conditioner if you are allergic to any of the listed ingredients.


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