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Micralax Rectum Micro Enema – 12 Pack x 5ml

Micralax Rectum Micro Enema – 12 Pack x 5ml


  • Contains 12 x 5ml Micralax Micro Enemas.
  • Helps to relieve constipation.
  • Can be used in the comfort of your own home.
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What is the Micralax Micro Enema?

Micralax Micro Enema is an at-home enema which works as a laxative, clearing your lower bowel and making it easier to pass stools. It works quickly, offering quick and effective relief to uncomfortable constipation.

Why would I need an enema?

One of the most common reasons for needing an enema is constipation. If you’re struggling to go to the toilet or are having less than three bowel movements every week, you could be constipated. Those who are constipated could turn to an enema as a last resort treatment for constipation, using it to clear the bowel.

Another common reason for needing an enema is needing to clear your bowel before an x-ray or other examination.

How does the Micralax Micro Enema work?

Micralax Micro Enema uses the active ingredients sodium citrate and sodium alkylsulphoacetate, which work together to create a laxative effect. It causes water to be drawn into your lower bowels, softening your stools and making them much easier to pass.

How to use this product.

Micralax Micro Enema will normally work within 5 – 15 minutes, so make sure that you are near a toilet before using this product. To begin, lie down on your side with your knees drawn up towards your stomach, or sit on the toilet if you prefer. Twist the cap off of the rube and squeeze a drop of medicine out onto the nozzle. Insert the full length of the nozzle into your back passage and then gently squeeze the tube until it is empty. Pull the nozzle out, continuing to squeeze the tube so medicine isn’t drawn back into it. Wait for the laxative to work.


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