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OTC Policy

Aktive pharmacy restricts the sale of the following products in order to safeguard patients in its use. Orders for these items will be tracked and limited on our website.

















Ulipristal Acetate

Reasons for the restrictions are based on the following;

  • To safeguard against possible addiction and abuse of medicines
  • To comply with legal restriction placed upon pharmacies regarding the quantities that may be supplied at one time for products such as dihydrocodeine, pseudoephedrine, ephedrine, aspirin paracetamol etc
  • To ensure medicines ordered are suitable for patients and quantities are not excessive.
  • Long-term use of over-the-counter medicines can mask serious medical conditions thus; restrictions on quantities are essential in avoiding such instances.
  • To ensure patients use medication short term and visit their GP when symptoms persist.

Guidelines on repeated orders for codeine based products

Due to the addictive nature of codeine based products long-term use can result in its abuse.

Aktive Pharmacy has implemented these rules to safeguard all patients ordering codeine-containing products.

  • The ordering of more than two codeine-based product at the same time is not permitted
  • Patients are not allowed to order codeine-based product within a space of less than 3 months from previous order.
  • The pharmacy will not be able process orders for codeine-based product if patients refuse to send some form of ID or answer questions seeking further clarification about their treatments.

Guidelines on supply of certain medicines

The supply of two or more sedative combinations are not allowed; for example codeine and promethazine. Such orders may be cancelled and refunded. This is because such a combination may do more harm than good. Patients may be called by our pharmacist and referred to another healthcare when order placed warrants such action.  A minimum of the one-month interval must elapse before you can order a second sedative prior to the first order being placed.

There are other products not permitted to be ordered together at the same time, which our pharmacist will use their professional judgement in the decision making process.  

If directed by your GP to order from our online pharmacy we may allow you to order more and often of certain over- the counter medicines if; we have confirmation from your GP.

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